The Squad in the game "Planetarium Manager"

  1. youly
    Posted on September 23, 2009

    As the manager of the team you'll start with a squad of 22 players. Your squad is divided into three parts: the A Team (Main Squad), the B Team and the Youth Team. Only the main squad will be able to schedule and play matches.

    Size Restrictions
    You cannot have more than 50 players on your squad (A+B+Youth Team). At the same time, a team cannot have less than 11 players. However there might be special circumstances that will make a team have less than 11 players. In this case, there is a special feature that will allow manager to promote a local player – local players will have no progression at all, very low skills and a set contract of €50 per week. They should only be used once you don't have the minimum number of players to play a match. Your board won't allow you to promote local players if have more than 15 players in the squad. Also, you must have at least 7 players on the pitch in order to play a match. Any less than 7, and you will suffer a walk over (an automatic loss – no training occurs when a walk over occurs).

    Main (A) Team
    You can have as many players as you want in your main long as it doesn't breach the maximum squad size of 50 players.

    Reserve (B) Team
    You cannot have more than 16 players on your B team, and they will be available to play in your main team matches. There isn't an age restriction for players in this team, but keep in mind that players over 22 years old won't receive any kind of positive training while they are in this team (and they can also become unhappy if they remain in the B team for too long.
    B team trainings occur at the same time as league trainings, so there are 2 trainings per week. B team players won't train after friendly or cup matches unless they play a minimum of 30 minutes in those matches.
    As said before, the B team does not participate in any kind of matches on its own.

    Youth Team
    Here are the rules:

    • Youth players can only come from your academy. For example, you cannot move a player from the A or B team to the youth squad.
    • A youth player is no older than 18 years of age (17 or 18 year old players only). After they reach 19 they are moved to the main squad automatically.
    • You can promote a player from the youth squad to your A team at any time, but you cannot relegate them back to the youth team after you have promoted them.
    • Youth players that are pulled from the academy and are over 18 years old are automatically moved to your A team.
    • You can have as many players as you want in the youth squad (although, as you will see, it is impossible to have more than 20).
    • A youth player cannot participate in any matches at all – no exceptions. He does not have a fixed position, although you'll have access to what his position would be if he were a regular player (on the A or B team).
    • A youth player cannot be sold or bought through the Bosman Rule. He also does not have a contract, but he does have a weekly wage. However, you can sack the youth player by promoting him. You cannot sack him directly from the youth team. He must be promoted to the A team before he is eligible to be sacked.
    • The training received by a youth player is the same as normal league trainings (full training at 100%). However, remember that youth players do not train during friendly or cup matches – only league matches.