Chamber of the Queen in BeBees

  1. youly
    Posted on November 5, 2009

    In the Chamber of the Queen all new bees are born. The higher your Chamber of the Queen is, the more bees are born.

    In addition, you must remember that none of your chambers can be higher than that of your queen bee. That means for you that if you want to expand a chamber you first have to expand that of your queen.

    Therefore you must also make sure that your larders always hold enough honey.

    Furthermore, the rank of the expansion of your Chamber of the Queen has influence on the beginner’s protection, because until the 5th level noone can attack you and you can not attack others.

    As soon as you have reached the Chamber of the Queen level 5 you can join a people. Then you can also build an attackers’ chamber or a defenders’ chamber. Note, however, that once you have got to level 5 you can be attacked by others. Therefore, it is advisable to expand every other chambers to the level of the Chamber of the Queen before you cross the threshold of the beginner’s protection.

    From level 10 of the royal chamber onwards you can create your own nation. From the 10th level onward you also have a spy bee available to you to spy on the other hives, without being caught. Similarly, you can train saboteur or guard bees from the 5th level of your Chamber of the Queen. The destroyer bee is available to you from the start.

    In the Chamber of the Queen you will also find the chamber of your hero and your “special forces” bees.