3D Room Escape

3D Room Escape flash game description:

Find items and use them - the final purpose is to escape from the room.

3D Room Escape flash game controls:

Use the mouse to play this game.

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3D Room Escape

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aline said on October 12, 2008
have somone the complete solution for this game?? the gane is very difficult and i won't contiune
and sry for my bad english but i come from germany and its from a translater ;)

und noch ma auf deutsch hat jemand die lösung für das spiel weil ich kommda i-wie nich weiter das so mega schwer und ich hab nich genug grips :D
admin said on October 13, 2008
My best record is got 1key, 2 pictures and 8 items.

My last clue is the green butterfly. But still can not open the box.
tuchan said on October 15, 2008
ich habe deutsch sprechen die spile ist pinkel!
oh nein die spile hat gefurtz!
mein finger tut weih!!!!
ich spile aline :(

i have german speach the game has wee
oh no the computer fart
my finger hurt
i play alone :(
tuchan said on October 15, 2008
the game broken
it is stuck the game
jopan said on October 15, 2008
oh they ment to be smileys i write the wrong way!!!
Gamer said on October 19, 2008
OK i got to

2 Pictures (including the beginning pic that has 2 cats)
2 Keys (1 for wooden cabinet at 1 corner, 1 the 2nd locked drawer @ table)
4 color beads (1 black, 1 red, 2 green, 3 white)
1 glass
1 screwdriver + 2 screws
1 brown XX (i dunno what is it)
1 color pencil
Kitten said on December 4, 2008
WHat is that STUPID monkey for???
O YA thx for hose clues baby! i already found some tho not all.. o well? ♡✡
Gamer II said on December 17, 2008
OK, I got

3 pictures (one with the cats / one with a duck or rabbit / one with the code (founden on the right side of the table))
2 Keys
1 glass
1 screwdriver + 2 screws
1 brown XX
1 color pencil
1 white box
1 long stick (?????)

and a STUPID monkey

what the hell is the machine in the wooden cabinet???
Mimi said on December 29, 2008
Uhhh... could someone pls help me? I don't find some things... like: 2 Keys and 1 screwdriver + 2 screws..... Is it possible, that somone give me an answer??
BeautySocks said on January 1, 2009

i got out
if anyone need help just ask
Waltz said on January 22, 2009
How did you get out ? im stuck to.
dont know what to do next i have everything what they said here. please help me ^^
fraiser said on January 23, 2009
quality game! It took me an entire day but i done it! the monkey thing is annoying but doesnt make it impossible.
my hint is: when looking at the hanging plant close up, look for the odd rivet in the wall. (theres still a way to go after that though!) good luck!
Yuyu said on January 26, 2009
Gamer I, where did you find the red colored pearl?
BeautySocks - how did you do it? 8D
aline said on January 27, 2009
mh thx but i had the items..but i don't know ho is use them xDD

greetz from germany
cubite said on January 30, 2009
Here is a Full Walkthrough:

go to upper right corner of desk, get balled up paper, Open up paper and note what is written and the pattern of the torn edge. look at the clues in the books.

go to coffee table by couch & get cat picture & gray sphere.

view of pot plant. Get muddy frog and green sphere

get crayon under couch. Look under couch cushions, get rod and white sphere

Look beside right of couch, get cube and green sphere.

Look at drawers in corner of room, get 2nd WHITE ORB. Open drawer and get GLASS.

Open red book, use crayon on it, note the flower and color.

Open bottom desk drawer, press squares like diagram according to its orientation if it were to match up to the tear in the red book. Get GOLD KEY.

Use Key on green drawer of desk. Get SCREW DRIVER.

Look over behind the potted plant and use screwdriver on vent. Get PALE BLUE KEY, TWO SCREWS, and 3rd WHITE ORB.

Go to drawers, use pale key, get the paper with the rabbit on it. Look carefully at picture, it is not a rabbit. It is a duck. Note color.

Go to desk, bring up cube, select an orb and use to punch holes in top and bottom as indicated in green book. Place under desk to reveal butterfly, Note color.

Look at blue wall and click in open space of wall to find panel. Enter in the appropriate symbol in the color slots. The code does change from game to game. Get SILVER KEY.

Use silver key on yellow door to open up bathroom.

Use the sink to fill glass with WATER. Look at glass and add clump of dirt. Rinse it out in sink to get FROG.

Look on shelves to back of restrooms; get SCALES PIECE, 2nd GRAY ORB, and LAST GREEN ORB (in plant). Next to them, pick up a SHEET OF TOILET PAPER.

Wet the toilet paper in sink.

Go to potted plant in main room. Use damp paper on smudge, note the number.

Go back to bathroom, use code on box. Get the PINK ORB and the BLUE KEY.

Go to desk, use blue key on blue drawer. Note the picture the device in the drawers is a scale, it is broken. Remember the positions and colors of the orbs in the picture, this is the formula to find out the value of the gold orb. Look at diagram of plant.

Look at hanging plant, use reacher rod on it and click around to revel 2nd PINK ORB.

Go to drawers, open top drawer, put piece in missing space and flip over the device, affix the piece you have to it with the screws. Set it upright.

You can use the scales to determine which orbs are heavier, and therefore are a higher value then each other. After experimenting you should find that:

PINK = 1, WHITE =2, GREEN =3, GRAY = 5
And therefore according to the photo you have, Gold = 9

Go to the Tulip picture on the green wall. Use the frog on it as indicated to do in the book to reveal a secret panel. Use the orbs, knowing their values, to complete the equations.

If you do it right it should read:


Press the gray button when you are done. The panel will retract. Step back, there is something on the ceiling now. Use the reaching rod to pull on it and bring down a ladder.
fafa said on March 2, 2009
omg thanks 4 the help !
mememe said on March 3, 2009
what a fucking waste of time...I finally got it with cubite's help but it was soooooo difficult...I'm too stupid for that shit
masvootha said on March 15, 2009
I cannot got Butterfly. What can i do?. Which orb can be select for Punch the orb?
misswahh said on March 16, 2009
whew.. it took me 1 day before I got out.. Finally! WOOO :)
leyla said on March 22, 2009
I can not do the thing with cube :( I tried so much, but I cant put it to desk, and I dont know how to put orb inside... this is so frustrating.... but I cant leave it :)
daby said on April 6, 2009
can please some1 tell me how to get the code from the potted plant?i hve tried rubbing it by damp tissue but its not working?pls help
daby said on April 6, 2009
where exactly to rub the tissue? for how long?
sfero said on April 10, 2009
to daby: back to pot plant near the wall. look at the explanations by Cubite back your post...
to cubite: thaaaaank you. great!
sfero said on April 10, 2009
greetings from italy!!
Hello said on April 12, 2009
I don`t find the pencil!!
Can someone help me??
marttini said on April 14, 2009
Why the hell there is an annoying monkey who blocks the view?
ba said on April 20, 2009
I can't solve the problem with the machine in the bottom desk drawer...please help... i don't know how i have to press the squares...i don't understand the explanation of cubit...
Cristian C FRANCU said on April 21, 2009
Please tell me what can I do with the G damn monkey...it seems to be therewith no purpose but...i know there must be something with it...maybe its something about the massonic symbol of the monkey? Is it an illuminati conspiuation? U can not be serious! You mean G W Bush is the monkey trying to stop OBAMA to escape the 3d room? no...NO way! And the frog is...BRUCE WILLIS? it cand be true...but it seems to fit! So who is the direct blood descendent from Jesusu? The rabbit who is actualy a duck...so the easter rubbit messed up with our game to...omg omg ...they are here....they are knocking on my door...oh noooo
call 911...nooo helpppppppppppppppppppppfcymcigc
Cindy said on May 2, 2009
I cannot solve the problem with the cube, too, how can i get the cube on the desk? is there anything to do before? Can someone help? Thanks a lot
escaped said on May 28, 2009
down the desk one light round buld is there place the cube there..but before that u need to make hole in cube so inlarge the image of cube which there in inventory...then use either pearl of any colour or may v screw driver to make hole ....
escaped said on May 28, 2009
its take time...i wont fit so easily there
miley said on May 28, 2009
Wat piece do i put in the missing space.... am i missing something
BOB said on June 3, 2009
anja said on June 9, 2009
I can´t get the water in the glass >.<
Gnx said on June 17, 2009
Where's the gold sphere???
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